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Tyler Wildman, CEO

As the founder and CEO of Identity Theft Countermeasures Group, Tyler Wildman is a nationally recognized Identity Theft Expert. As a highly sought after corporate trainer, strategist and speaker he is a 15 year veteran in Personal and Corporate Security and a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist [CITRMS].

Known for his wit, engaging humor and dynamic presentation, Tyler has been regularly featured as an Identity theft expert on FOX, CBS, ABC and other media outlets. Wildman is compelling, captivating with over 15 years of proven corporate and personal safety strategies.

From on site facility risk assessment to personal customized data security strategies, Tyler has successfully breached the security of over 300 companies. Tyler is currently writing a book on ID Theft entitled, “Identity Crisis”.

Originally trained as a commercial pilot, his career took a detour when Identity Thieves attacked the World Trade Center on “9/11.” Tyler worked at the flight school where some of the terrorists learned to fly and even caught one cheating on a test! After 9/11 with training in IT and computer repair, Tyler sold his thriving computer business, and pursued his passion to remedy the growing epidemic of data security and identity theft.

When he speaks, people listen. Funny, practical and captivating, Tyler is a highly sought after speaker and has trained thousands in industries including: Real Estate associations, Automotive Dealers, Medical and Dental associations, School Districts and corporations across the United States. Receiving positive feedback from thousands of clients, it’s clear to see that audiences are forever transformed by Tyler’s thought provoking call to action and comprehensive training.

Tyler Wildman, CEO of Identity Theft Countermeasures Group

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