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In your executive briefing, you will learn:

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    How to secure your company from a data breach

    The impact a data breach can have on your organization is staggering. From fines, to lawsuits to public relation nightmares. Get the information you need to keep this from happening to you.

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    National and local laws that open you up to fines that can easily bankrupt your organization

    Based off of data breach analysis, the Ponemon Institute estimates the average data breach costs organizations $3,800,000. Would your company be able to survive a data breach?

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    How to create a culture of data security by emotionally impacting your staff

    Most data breaches are the result of human error. The best defense you can create is getting the buy-in of your entire staff. Learn how to change the way they handle data.

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    The legal liability you face by maintaining any form of personal customer, client or patient information

    After a data breach, many organizations have opened themselves up to lawsuits and even class-actions due to the breached data of thousands of previous customers.

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    Thousands of dollars worth of information

    During the executive briefing you will be provided with thousands of dollars worth of information we have designed to help CEO’s, business owners and organizational leadership secure their organizations and prevent data loss, fines and legal liability.

Don’t leave your organization vulnerable. Learn the invaluable data security tools through your personal executive briefing.

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